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They've gotten better in recent years, especially since they started hiring people like Eric Brooks from SCT. Changing Injectors. Oct 07, 2013 · A set of high performance fuel injectors can add to the performance of your vehicle, but must be carefully considered to attain optimal performance. ) when I let go of the throttle. 0 LS injectors last month. 6 Pentastar Dodge Charger/ Challenger produces only 255** rear wheel HP (WHP) in stock form. The tabled injector data provided in the excel sheet that you can download by following the  The data is cut-and-paste compatible with HP-Tuners, but can also be reformatted for For calibrations on DW injectors included in your kit, please contact our  11 Jan 2017 How does one go about tuning injectors when they dont know the work with my ecm without a bunch of work is the stock 8. Mar 08, 2018 · The factory LM7 injectors were only rated at 22-25 lbs. 3. May 04, 2019 · The tuners I have mentioned have done thousands of S550s and know their shit. So Matt and AJ installed bigger injectors and tuned away. Location: Engine->Fuel Control (General Tab)->Flow Rate vs. You need to consider the entire package. Dodge will do the servicing just like they did on my 392 Stroker I built, which is my avatar picture. I tried replacing them with the calculated ones I get from the excel spreadsheets I find. Cummins Tuners from Sinister Diesel Jul 01, 2011 · The ubiquitous Chrysler 4. Sep 20, 2019 · How to Max Your Car's Horsepower. 4 = 27. . his injectors are finished @ 445whp with E85. Nov 15, 2018 · We need to tell it that it’s running a larger motor, using larger injectors, and running without the MAF. for what you want to do the speed density is fine. Installing larger fuel injectors does not guarantee that power will go up. The GM ECU-specific short pulse width compensation and minimum IPW data for Fuel Injector Clinic’s 2,150 cc/min injector, formatted for HP Tuners. 3L aftermarket. Mar 09, 2015 · Of course, if you are buying a crate engine or can’t get all the original components, the aftermarket will come to your rescue. In my experience, almost all tuners take pride in offering the best calibration possible. The fueling accuracy is much better at all loads if a mafless tune is done properly than can ever be provided by a maf tune (see MAF section below). But when you start looking at higher levels, things get way more complicated. Custom tuning will be required to properly adjust the fuel and ignition timing. Looked at a tune from this car (after calibration with wideband) before it had the bigger injectors and it was pretty much the same values in the VE table at WOT seeing 108 at the highest value in 100kpa so not the injectors or the data for them. com/technica May 02, 2017 · 0:41 Problem you buy bigger injectors without data 1:00 Let's look at how to fix the problem using HP Tuners VCM editor HOW TO LOG HORSEPOWER IN HP TUNERS!!! Adding horsepower to data logging Mar 31, 2011 · Adding Larger Injectors. Heck he already has the other 255 ready to install, but it doesn't even matter until he gets bigger injectors. Procharger complete kits even come with bigger injectorswhy do you think that is Do it right the first timethere are places and things you can save a buck on here and I saw in one of the magazine tests on a blown car with headers that the JLT was worth something like 60 hp and increased boost by a couple of lbs just by removing the intake restriction. Thanks for choosing Fuel Injector Clinic injectors for your GM vehicle. In this example, we have an 8-cylinder engine using 1 injector per cylinder, which gives: 150 lb/hr/8 injectors = 18. Some tuners take more risk and go 98 % fuel duty ratio or some like to keep an bigger safety margin. 3 is supposed to have 275 stock (with 525 ft/lbs. And it hazed smoked at low speed. There are so mnay ways to increase power. I do have other reputable tuners in my area, so I have other choices. If you get bigger turbos and raise the boost well past 14psi, then definitely get bigger injectors. Thanks to hybrid injectors, more refined tuning, and better turbocharger technology, you no longer need a built engine to have a 500-plus hp ’94. That's the only part I don't have completely under my belt. I think your doing good most people installing marine intake go over 1000. None of them would tell you that you can use stock injectors and stock fuel pump with boost. 2. So, technically, the engine only needs a 19 lb/hr fuel injector to support 300 hp, but this will require that the injector is at nearly a 100% duty cycle in order to achieve this horsepower level. Nissan 350Z/370Z with VQ35/37 engine Top-feed Fuel Injector Clinic Injector Set: 6 x 650cc Saturated / High Impedance Ball & Seat Injectors. Keep in mind, the best injectors are fully characterized which helps your tuner maximize idle quality, etc. 2 Jan 2018 I purchase HP Tuners MPVI Standard Tuning Interface. He will totally service your injectors and flow them to give you actual data that can be input into HP Tuners. 75 with green belt / used for 4k miles - $220 Dodge Challenger Whipple Supercharger sold by TREperformance, this new whipple charger system fits the Dodge Challenger Hemi SRT8 6. William. Back on the dyno, the first dyno pull, with the hood closed, produced 419. Building a high-performance Cummins diesel engine is hard and tedious work that can cost you more time and money than the performance you’ll get out of it. 1L big block injectors. All weights of cranks, rods and pistons will be balanced within a few grams (4 cyl. For the last 13 years I’ve owned a performance tuning shop in New Zealand called STM (not to be confused with US-based STM Tuned). Next, with the hood open, we got the same results. If you start high on your reading (smaller value resistor), start adding resistance to advance timing. 7s in the quarter-mile, dominate the local Work Nov 15, 2018 · We need to tell it that it’s running a larger motor, using larger injectors, and running without the MAF. 0L inline-six was (and is) perhaps one of the best engines ever offered in a 4x4. if 1 thousand is your budget you'll be lucky to add 15 hp to the wheel. This is why we're seeing guys move over to hp. They do not recommend the 2. only). Is anyone working on how to tune these, ie bigger direct injectors, how to manage afrs etc? The new NSX and Nismo Sentra are both direct injected and I will guess the R36 will be too. With all that said coservatively I figure to be in the 260-270 whp range. 1 ft-lbs of torque. There also are some companies that specialize in cloud/Internet-based diesel tuning. torque) - 7. To note the obvious, the comparable file was originally meant for a 2016 RZR XP Turbo with only 144 horsepower and smaller injectors. If the cam is between 224-236 degrees duration (again, on the intake side) try a target of 900 RPM and for cams bigger than those listed above, set your target engine idle speed to 975 RPM. My understanding is that the program locks to one VIN; and that the program will work for only one vehicle unless you purchase additional lincenses. I have been running the stage 3 for about 3 months now and I want to do a custom tune and toss some bigger injectors due to the duty cycle on the stocks being pretty much maxed out. The problem with bigger injectors is that they can be difficult to operate at very low flow rates (small pulse widths are touchy) and so can be a pain to get to idle. If you load a tune for a stock Jeep and you have huge swampers, a cold air intake, and a higher octane fuel, you probably won’t get the performance you want. Hi Dave, welcome along! Unfortunately if you don't have any data at all for the injectors it's very difficult to get a good result and you're going to inevitably end up with some pretty decent compromises in your tune. This will only lead to disappointment! Jun 18, 2019 · no u dont need upgraded injectors but u can make more power with upgraded injectors if they it all depends on the air fuel mix ratio and how much boost u run. If you have a stock fuel rail this are a direct fit no need to hack into any wiring. Thank you in advance and I appreciate that you actually reply to comments! Have a good one! Four 25 pound injectors has a maximum potential of 200 HP. Hellcat 1200cc injectors (Fuel Injector Clinic IS253-1200H) -Used for 4k miles ($750)sold 2016 Hellcat Cracked Diablo PCM / Was tuned with HP TUNERS ($500) Hellcat upper pulley 2. 5 hp and 15 ft-lbs of torque. Welcome to LS1 Tuning Guide Over the years, fellow tuners have made files to help others setup tables in HP Tuners and they can be difficult to find. Mike N54 Twin-Turbo Tuning (Beginner’s N54 Tuning Guide) This guide is meant to serve as a guide for newcomers to the n54 tuning scene. The n54 twin turbo engine is beginning to capture a large tuning audience, as it is one of BMW’s most capable engines. They offer engine management systems for both EFI and carbureted engines (carbureted LS engines are available from Chevrolet Performance as crate or carb-converted Gen III/IV engines). Consider instead one of the plug-and-play Cummins tuners available from Sinister Diesel. 7 based 392 forged stroker with 274 comp cam and phase limiter, stage 6 heads. Most guys that tune them wether it's a custom Diablo tune or cmr use "hack" tuning. 4L Ford Power Stroke diesel trucks. The good news is that the larger injectors for my TVS2300 install have already arrived. And that is without destroying injectors (they works georgeous with 4 BAR pressure for all Germany tuned SLK owners and for me and all the people i know, so i dont see reason why wouldnt they work with 4 BAR FPR for you), without high costs and without too large fuel consumption. A good cylinder head swap will get you more power if you go about it correctly. They didnt make much of a difference in WOT but part throttle was a little off with them after install. GM > Engine > Fuel Control > General</</p> Stoich Air Fuel Ratio (Stoich AFR) Stoich AFR: This value is the Stoichiometric AFR value. Shop for Fuel Injectors. The longer the pulse duration, the more fuel is added to the air/fuel mixture. As far as making big horsepower is concerned with 7. 4L 2011-2018 model using the W175AX blower, part number WK-3020B-STG2 Stage 2 2. Once again, the addition of a larger fuel injector will do nothing to add horsepower; a larger injector will merely SUPPORT more horsepower. These injectors utilize the latest technology and provide great linearity and short pulse width repea If you have the DIS or COP, adjust the IAT sensor reading by 10° F increments for maximum power. A set of 100-percent over injectors can be used to make 1,000rwhp (or more) or be fine-tuned to make a street-friendly, daily drivable, yet race-worthy, 700 to 800rwhp (as is the case here). SCT certainly isn't without fault. This is very evident if you decide to install bigger injectors. 36 g/cyl anyway, so With HP Tuners, you can click on Injectors. 9-in. Sad to see this thread has been inactive. Mar 09, 2018 · Additional fueling from big injectors can always be dialed back via ECM tuning. While this does work, it's not ideal. Apr 19, 2010 · this would be FINE for pump gas except the 18psi on a 14b. Once my injectors and fmic come in I will be going to Austin to get dyno tuned and I will post results at that point. Dec 01, 2007 · That let us conduct a direct head-to-head comparison using 30-lb/hr fuel injectors, an ACCEL/DFI 1,000-cfm throttle body, and the same GM factory computer recalibrated with the HP Tuners VCM all you are doing is adding an huge amount of fuel since a 750 cc injectors is normally rated at 43psi not 58psi. It turns out that for a modest increase of around 100 to 300 hp, just enlarging the orifices in an injector nozzle might be sufficient. POWERFUL - HP Engine Kits can increase your HP and/or power up your boost. 9) for a big torque boost in your stock engine, or you may build a high performance or a stroker needing a lot bigger or even a custom cam. I had 2g w 660cc running fp green and it made 407 whp. The bad news is that they flow more than the hard coded limit in the tune file!!! I missed that in my research, oh well. Step 4: Calculate Your Optimum Injector Size Aug 30, 2011 · Also not all injectors flow the same way, and some do a better job then others. But I also thought I read on the VMP site that adding the CAI would push the fuel system beyond its limit and require bigger injectors and a BAP. only other cheap mod i know of besides cai and exhaust is ud pullies. SKU: Add to cart. Again, only Want the parts needed to give support for the down pipe/intake setup. Hp Tuners Injector Data Many of you are aware that adding about 200 horsepower to your stock 2. 0L V8. We examine at Cayenne tuning and outline the ultimate modifications. See what products and tunes to use on your Ford in this month's Diesel Power Magazine! I am still having issues with the tuning of the RS with the HP-tuners. If you only do injectors then want more HP adding a tuner may not give the results you want. Stock fuel injectors can deliver the right amount of fuel to a stock engine. With innovative Parts Classifieds and tools, Parts Reviews, Clubs, Events, and more, MySubie is the Ultimate Subaru Enthusiast website. IV injectors. and won’t support much more than 380 hp. big turbo + big nozzles + bigger tires + stock gears = super high temps big turbo + big nozzles + bigger tires + stock gears + elevation = Undriveable temps Add any small problem/leak or super high outside air temps and it will make any one of those combos have even higher temps Once you start adding all those inefficiencies together then the Sep 22, 2011 · What is HP Tuners? HP Tuners is an ECU tuning device. I am new to forums but am planning on buying HP Tuners at tax time and would appreciate any further help than the already giant head start that's been posted. Thanks to the strong grasp the folks at DuramaxTuner. This is the reference AFR used by all fuel calculations inside the VCM. 2018 120 HP Base Model X3 Upgrade Packages with ECU Programming: Convert your 120 HP model to the same horsepower as our 17 or full 18 specs! Speed limits raised / TQ limits removed in Low Gear; Low Gear rev limit increased from 8300 to 8600 RPMS (9000 RPMs on big injector and Stage 3R tunes) Speed / TQ limits removed in High Gear There was a time when cylinder head selection was decidedly modest for those wondering how to increase engine performance. I trying to hit 375 whp using that calculator. Is it it just the injectors, or do I need a fuel pump too? From reading, it looks like 725cc injectors are gtg for a protune, down pipe and sf intake. Once you start adding a lumpy cam, heads and bigger injectors the mass air can better manage the engine. hit the reset fuel trim button. Up until the discovery of these compensation tables, the most common technique used by tuners to wrangle in higher flowing injectors was somewhat rudimentary and didn’t work very well for streetcars. There are two situations where installing larger fuel injectors makes sense. I want to change my injectors from my stock vette injectors to 46lb fast injectors where do I adjust for the extra fuel at and how should I make the adjustments so that it runs properly? Also Im going to add a ported TB where do I need to make adjusments for the extra airflow etc at idle? Thanks. Bigger intake manifold , bigger pushrods, rocker arms, bigger exhuast manifold and alotta this you can find at a junkyard just look for em or go to Ford ask a mechanic i mean people on here know there stuff but id look for a master mechanics answer At last, we can put in the camshaft. As more engine power is programmed into the PCM, the greater the demand for high-pressure oil. does anybody have a checklist for the things that need to be scaled in the E40 Sep 03, 2017 · A cracked PCM is required first and foremost about for 800 bucks with a Diablo tuner (400 bucks) with a canned tune for about 30hp Dyno and custom tune alone 500 bucks on up, then more as you go along with a pulley, injectors, tstat, etc. Porsche Cayennes are stunningly practical with loads of performance on tap, and with a few sensible performance parts you can dramatically improve your driving experience. So if anyone could help me figure out what size injectors i will need in the end i would greatly appreciate it. Posted by Matthew T Rauch on Apr 3rd 2019 . WE DO ALL THE HARD WORK FOR YOU - Because our HP Engine Kits are hand-matched, all parts are compatible for the chosen engine. The low slope would be a value somewhat greater than 42, depending on the injector. The tabled injector data provided in the excel sheet that you can download by following the link below are customized to be used by HP Tuners software in the OE GM ECU’s. http://www. A 4. At this point, you may just install one of our smallest cams (P/N HUGHER9703AL-114 for 5. DANGER ZONE (forged rods): 600-650-rwhp Gen III - Speed Density VE Table and MAF Tuning Instructions with a Wideband O2 Sensor Create by 69lt1bird – Jeff Anderson 1 These instructions are written for the beginner and intermediate user of HP Tuners software. Will This Fit Your Rig? Keep in mind the higher the HP the hotter the engine may run, monitoring and gauges are required. I believe THE bigger INJECTORS were overflowing with stock edge tuning. Sep 22, 2011 · What is HP Tuners? HP Tuners is an ECU tuning device. View our wide variety of Chevy Silverado performance chips and tuners by clicking here. The larger the flow rate, the more horsepower they are able to support. It's really at your own risk. Just install the injectors, copy the data and fire your LS3 up super quick and easy. The 7. The stock 3. It came with the software a enhanced I/O upgrade (additional cost), and the cables. So, we want to bring that DOWN to 0 so ADD 4 to . A good tuner will take care of everything. it may be time to Parleys Diesel Performance carries one of the best selections available of RV performance upgrades. Aug 09, 2016 · More on Squeezing a Supercharged LSA for Every Last 725 hp Got PSI? Part II: The quest to max out a supercharged LSA small-block continues with a cam swap and some high-tech tuning tricks With 4 BAR FPR and proper chip tuning you have more then enough fuel for up to 300 HP. If you have a near ambient reading (no or large value resistor), reduce parallel resistance to retard timing. The connectors are different as well, but adapters and spacers can be used to fit car injectors on an LM7. The J-Body Organization, j-body. This flow increase can support about 15 additional horsepower from engine modifications. Modern Muscle Xtreme is proud to offer cutting edge performance parts for the new Hellcat platform! From custom performance camshaft grinds, CNC ported performance heads, to performance 1 piece driveshafts, we have what you need to take your Hellcat beyond stock! Nov 04, 2003 · I just dont know what size injectors i should go with. They also do the Demon or 1050 injectors with the clutched or solid pulley as part of their 100+ wheel hp package including in house custom tuning. it has the 5. Now tuning with Aj at true street performance for my 426, hopefully find out this week which direction we’ll go. Otherwise, I guess there are some spreadsheets that may assist, but the interplay between fuel pressure, fuel amount, and injector size is so complex, it's difficult for me to imagine that a spreadsheet would be able to be very accurate. Another tradeoff will be that a huge turbo on a tiny engine will be a pain to drive on the street, won't make boost until 4500 rpm but will scream after that. Anyone know if this is same engine (looks very similar) and if these mods (which are extensive) really could end up at 260hp? Jul 29, 2018 · There is no point in getting a new ECU program early in your engine build up and then later upgrading to bigger lift and duration cams, or larger injectors, bigger fuel pump, or an aftermarket IM/bigger bore TB , etc. witht he smaller number as soon as I touch the throttle they go to +2 then shoot back up to 25(as high as hp tuners go. 4 turbo engine mods and came across this. If you need larger injectors you can swap injectors to whatever your needs are. Oct 06, 2017 · We add a Kenne Bell Supercharger to a 392 Dodge Challenger and pick up more than 270 HP! than 700 hp at the wheels, while larger injectors and a 20-volt Boost-a-Pump can increase the power Choosing Between Holley Terminator, Avenger, HP, and Dominator Posted by Chris Myer 07/4/15 14 Comment(s) General Studies and Buyer's Guides , Holley has made it easy to select just the right engine control unit for your needs. Good luck. Getting the most out of your vehicle's engine, you should do your best to ensure driving safety. you might tend to knock then (especially because of the 2g mas taking out fuel and the car adding timing advance because it thinks there is less load. Some engine tuners will tell you that if your car has a duty cycle of 80%, you have a possible gain of 20%. In other words, 200 hp will need 100 pounds/hr of fuel to support it, and since you have four injectors, each one will need to be at least 25 #/hr. The stock injectors flow at 19 lb / hr and good for close to 300 hp . 5 BSFC) / (8 inj x . Injector Math: How to Calculate Optimum Fuel Injector Size. 5-’03 Ford. I own HP Tuners Pro tuner but they don't support 3. Only after a long discusion will they be able to win my business. Good deal on your time, and your mods! I too believe that adding injectors are the safer, cheap alternative to make sure your car lasts and performs better! On a dyno, the actual rear wheel horsepower for these trucks is about 200HP. The LS1 is a high performance engine and there are two main reasons why they can be made to perform so much better: 1. By properly I mean all loads are adjusted to be accurate. I hope to be at 280+ but we will see. how do you adjust the afr with hptuners software?? what is the one. , a small motor even for 19 #injectors. For example, if you have a cam that's between stock size and 224 degrees intake duration, try an initial target idle speed of 800 RPM. I will see if i can get the log from my buddies pc and maybe we can go from there. Injector size = (HP x BSFC) / (number in injectors x duty cycle) Example: Choose an injector for a 350 horsepower naturally aspirated V8 engine. At sea level (as I am) I don't think it will work and you need injectors, also if the tuner doesn't know how to adjust the pump, FDCM etc then the stock one's again can't be worked. Wait till Dark_5. Nov 01, 2011 · Check out these 21 dyno-proven power combinations for the 7. They make very good HP and TQ #'s on 91 octane fuel. So in theory I should be about 50 hp higher than I was at 17 lbs now that I'm hitting 22 lbs again. A few short years ago, these tuners had to jump through hoops to make the best of a bad situation when tuning injectors with unknown characteristics. I have treid both of these and have had no luck with them changing. I ran full e85 on my 392 with just adding id1000’s and obviously adjusting the tune. 34 for an injector size. HP Tuners' VCM Editor utility, for example, enables manipulation of not  31 Jul 2007 Tuning - 1st SETUP injectors (flowrate, rate modifier, Min pulse width, PW adder) Start logging with hp tuners. Dec 01, 2006 · Learning The Ins And Outs Of Ford's Eec EFI Systems. It will be very hard to clean all the smoke up at low speeds. Before you go running for the hills tearing your hair out just reading this, we are going to walk you through the steps we took to get Corn Star’s 1s and 0s in line, and that all started with our GM tuning guide from The Tuning School Sep 30, 2017 · Superchargers can add about 40-45% more horsepower to an engine and, like turbos, work best at higher altitudes. With the Power Stroke there is a point at which no more power can be achieved because the HPOP cannot keep up. A wideband O2 sensor is required for the tuning described in these procedures. com have on EFI Live software (and maybe a little luck), the stock short-block LB7 allowed the truck to run 11. KPA Table Open up the Unit Conversion window found under the Tools menu. 0L, and 6. Nov 13, 2016 · The injectors are supplied engine oil (via the high-pressure oil pump) that has been pressurized to as much as 3,200 psi. the easiest way to add more fuel is to swap your injectors for bigger ones. Stock injectors are fine until you really start pushing the limits. 8 lb/hr per cylinder. Lights up the 35s if yur not careful. With the hp tuner you can calculate the idc and put in the needed offset. If you want to keep the economy but add some zip to your TDI, we can help you choose the right upgrades for your car. Depending on chassis and model year, these engines carried a net power rating of 173 We worked directly with Fuel Injector Clinic to assist them in developing new testing strategies to further improve the challenging matching process of high flow injectors in the nonlinear IPW operating range. Nov 21, 2013 · How to tune direct injection? - posted in R35 GT-R: All sorts of new cars coming out nowadays are direct injected turbocharged / hybrids. 4 hp and 402. I know this engine has been around for a while, was glancing for 1. However, for engines outfitted with a turbo or supercharger, stock fuel injectors will decrease performance. As for changing over to bigger injectors, more often then not any change in performance is small. That vehicle needs the larger injectors to really gain the big power people are going for. Sep 18, 2019 · Sorry to make you do a bunch of work but, I have a 2003 Mercedes E500 with 302 HP. Plan on upgrading to larger fuel injectors to meet the fuel demands of increased power. 6L don't get much over 260 hp NA in a truck application. 10 Oct 2019 As of late, we've been discussing ways to add horsepower in the traditional manner; big turbos, big injectors, and maximum effort tuning. He said I'm gonna have to get bigger injectors to run over 120hp programmer, I'm just now getting familiar with diesels and what you need to go fast. HP's has a better user interface because they wrote it later using more modern GUI tools whereas SCT's initial code base was written earlier. We cannot guarantee that your car will gain the same horsepower as mine did, but adding the Honker adds horsepower. Which at a minimum for your car is an up pipe, downpipe, injectors, fuel pump, an upgraded intercooler, and a tune. ? Like how do i figure for a example what will be the max HP this injectors will be good for me? Thanks. thats atleast 700 or more for those 3 mods. Regardless of skill level, most tuners, professional and otherwise, strive to turn out good work. any power gains from the chip are eliminated). For ALL YOUR TRIMS you want between 0 and -4, so what I do is do whatever it takes to get to zero. I'll discuss this with the tuner as well, but wanted to get a head start here. My truck has 60% overs and it smokes all the time. i have 1998 freightliner with a series 60 detriot 12. 2 or HUGHER0814AL-114 for your 5. Tuners are really only effective if they are properly set up. One opens the injector to let high pressure oil in to fire the injector and the other closes it. 2l requiring more fuel than most 5. 7 liter set at 470hp i have heard of owner ops getting alot of power out of these does any one now any tricks or tips or modes i could do for more power i now it will never be a 550 cat i just need more power i pull a 9000 gallon quad axle tanker and gross 115000 pounds i love the mpg it's average is 5. with a piggy back you'll have to take alot of fuel out which it will add timing which it means you'll make more power but it will NOT last long. The other injector problem is from what is called stiction. When you install bigger injectors, you will have to alter the SCALING and LATENCY parameters in the ECU to suite the new injectors, otherwise the air fuel ratio settings will be way-out, your car will idle poorly and stall on occasion, run rich Injector Dynamics 1000cc injectors - anyone else try them? I had Maxwell Power put some of these in for me yesterday, they are better than my stock injectors in every way and will take pretty much any modification I throw at them in the future. Porsche Cayenne Tuning Tuning the Porsche Cayenne and best Cayenne performance parts. Lets first look at various injector flow rates: Most injectors will max out at 80% duty cycle and this is the accepted industry standard. 3L. If you drive a diesel motorhome, you owe it to yourself to check out our lineup of RV Performance parts. While the adjustable regulator works as an excellent tuning tool, you should not increase your fuel pressure above 55 PSI—this is the absolute limit the stock fuel line fittings are designed to handle. I actually think it is better for your application because you don't need it and it's less things to worry about. Larger injectors and Why. Today, selection is downright sinful. The fuel-injector high-slope scalar corresponds to the typical injector flow rating, so for a 42-lb/hr injector, the high slope scalar would be close to 42. It keeps pulling throttle and still on stock boost. (Read all info on increasing POWER below). For some of the company’s more popular applications, the Fuel Injector Clinic team did the heavy lifting and plotted this data for their entire line of injectors, along with the standard flow and offset information, into software and ECU-specific formats; such as HP Tuners for GM ECUs and Cobb Accesstuner for most Subarus. (350 hp x . Volkswagen TDI’s are the ultimate economy car, with many averaging 40 to 50 mpg. The fuel needs to be unleaded to keep the oxygen sensors safe. While I’ve tuned just about Page 1 of 9 Split Second TN6 Tech Note Fuel an Engine in Boost with a 2-bar Map Sensor in Place of a 1-bar It is possible to replace an existing 1-bar map sensor with a 2-bar sensor and control an engine in HP Tuners was the behind curve with SCT for a long time. Most do it with a 16G or a VF39/43/48 from an STI and of course supporting mods. 5 to 6 please any help would be For some of the company’s more popular applications, the Fuel Injector Clinic team did the heavy lifting and plotted this data for their entire line of injectors, along with the standard flow and offset information, into software and ECU-specific formats; such as HP Tuners for GM ECUs and Cobb Accesstuner for most Subarus. Even though a turbo or supercharger will allow more air to flow into the combustion chamber, stock injectors won’t be able to deliver enough fuel to the engine. Mar 21, 2017 · So adding the injectors with a proper tune can be worth while. These injectors will come with copy and paste data for your HP Tuners software. I remember that I was told that when they first put it on the dyno it was shutting off and hard to start. My goal is to try to extract 400+ hp from my truck without a supercharger or going inside the engine itself. If you want to make the most of the engine you've got, maximizing the horsepower by modifying the airflow, exhaust, and overall engine performance can give you the power you're looking for. I just want to know what I could get that wouldn’t require a massive amount of work or tens of thousands of dollars to up the HP just a bit. Proper ECU calibrations are provided by RIPP via HP Tuners. When it comes to buying a Fuel Injectors, quality matters. Second-Gen Turbo Kit with S472 or S475: $3,600 Any way you guys can send me a example on how to get the formula for a rotary motor 13B, methanol turbo , on what injectors be best for 1000 Hp , if i was to run 2200cc injectors. Larger fuel injectors are only required when you have exceeded the horsepower capacity of the existing fuel injectors. but that is before me adding a port matched intake and adj fuel prssure reg and injectors. 5 lb/hr will pass 1. Conservative? Maybe? Josh and his team do great work and have set plenty of records in the trophy case. Particularly if the intake is also different from stock, you're going to be battling a MAF scaling table that's also po Mar 08, 2018 · Truck manifolds had 1. Big injectors take alot of work to tune right. In Open Loop operation, this would mean the AFR will be lower than intended. Nov 30, 2018 · You can also clear check engine lights and adjust your speedometer to account for bigger tires and wheels. Preliminary tests show that an Automatic 3. 28 which is equivalent to 800 RPM's you have 4 which is equal to +4. 1. It allows you to connect to the ECU through the OBD diagnostic port underneath your steering wheel and edit the values and tables inside your ECU (also more commonly called a VCM by the HPT crew), and basically tune your car to the mods that you have. They require numerous support modifications to work properly, but the tradeoffs are minimal, and the performance gained is extensive. For most cars this will help. I tired scaling the injectors. Hi Speedhunters, I’m Andre Simon and since this is my first “Knowledge Boost” article I thought I’d introduce myself. GM Gen IV Calibration Scaling Chances are anybody needing injectors bigger than 63. So I asked myself, if I'm making that kind of HP, why wouldn't I need the same injectors as the SRT? After much research, going through the Mustang, LS1, and Dodge truck forums - all of whom have been modifying their rides much longer than the LX crowd - I found the following formula which most performance tuners suggest: Feb 03, 2018 · Looks like I need something above 799. This unit with a few custom tunes really woke up my stock pig of a van. This was a gain of 19. A buddy with a EVO9 has 1200cc inj, & 1 Walbro255 . 5 Stars. The injectors on the 6. Usually, to get the most power out of your Subaru WRX or Subaru Impreza STi, you need to take your car to a professional tuner with a dyno. 72 on straight 93 let alone 91. Feb 08, 2007 · As you go about the process of turning your diesel truck into a high-performance machine with gut-wrenching torque and horsepower, it's easy to forget about the transmission. ) you would probably get away with it on e85 (need way bigger injectors still!) or a fmic possibly. Aug 30, 2011 · The computer would just adjust bigger injectors to deliver the same amount of fuel as the old ones. First of all, adding larger fuel injectors WILL NOT CREATE EXTRA HORSE POWER! There is a common misconception that the larger the fuel injector, the more power they create. On C950 Fuel Tables, smaller numbers mean larger injectors and larger numbers mean smaller injectors. This gauge can also be used when tuning with aftermarket software. 0 Diesel yet. Bigger doesn’t always mean better. Before you go running for the hills tearing your hair out just reading this, we are going to walk you through the steps we took to get Corn Star’s 1s and 0s in line, and that all started with our GM tuning guide from The Tuning School For those who don't know e-85 is great for boost but you get quite a bit less gas mileage and 630cc injectors are much bigger than stock, hp tuners wastes gas at idle because of the way we have to tune with the VE range, and cx xtremes truck is an extremely rare example of a high hp 2. , since these parts just render your “new” ECU program obsolete and useless (ie. 0 liter EcoBoost is stressing it out just a little more than how it came. 3L Power Stroke Specs I understand the concept that stock should be more reliable than tuned, but my argument about that is the tuning (at least from DP and the other custom tuners) by and large increases efficiency. 28. But it’s not nearly as bad as it used to be. Mar 23, 2010 · I have a 2008 GMC Sierra 1500 Z71 4x4 All Terrain package with the 5. 6l is 280 cu/in. After he gets bigger injectors, he'll need to install another Walbro255. I sent him two sets of decapped truck 6. Deviations from this value are represented by divisors where greater than one is richer and less than one is leaner. Over the last decade, we’ve seen improvements in leaps and bounds in the 7. HP Tuners 03-05 Cummins Tune Set. Those who want better performance, might start with getting the injector flow matched. Some tuners (referred to as flashpaqs) connect to your Jeep’s OBDII port and provide you with access to a variety of options. Please don't get sucked into the trap of adding all of the manufacturer stated horsepower gains for the individual products together to estimate your horsepower. Your engine is not getting enough fuel at high RPMs and the injectors are at 100% duty cycle. 800, . In the lower right, enter in your new injector flow rating and the fuel pressure it is rated at. jumped and a ring sound less than 10 min install,turned off key and unplugged cables. Apr 15, 2019 · Chad - just throwing this out there - if you really want to get the data on your existing injectors, try contacting Eric Derr at Derr Injector Services in Bowling Green KY. Jun 18, 2014 · Subaru WRX STI Modification Guide June 18, 2014 ndubs77 43 Comments The Subaru WRX STi is a fantastic package with solid Brembo brakes, a high-performance suspension, and around 300 turbocharged horsepower being put to the ground with pure all-wheel-drive traction. For the record, 400whp is about the most we feel comfortable with on a stock engine. Nov 29, 2004 · I received my HP Tuners setup for my 03 SS. Fuel Pump / Injectors – Once you have increased the air flow with a larger intake and have upgraded the ECM or modules you then should look at a new set of aftermarket injectors. We can't say you need to build your engine but we can't say that you don't either. I didn’t have the experience with hp to try myself, but Sean(Hemifever) had the car dialed in pretty well I thought. 9L intercooled kit. 3126 has several hp/torque settings from 190 to 330 hp i forget the torque ranges be aware that there are different injectors and turbos after a certain hp I think it is 250 hp, also in the higher hp ratings watch for overheating if you don't go to a larger radiator, one other thing if you max it out as I did on the last one I had under a heavy load because of the small aftercooler I actually Hey guy the title might be a bit misleading but I am looking for guys that are running Eric stage 3 that have had it on a Dyno. Fuel Injectors - Increase The Power of Your Car Engine. Easy rule of thumb here if you want number smaller, add you want number bigger subtract. Noob tuners believe upping a few psi of fuel via an aftermarket adjustable fuel pressure regulator (FPR) Myth- Adding an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator will improve performance | The Daily The Fuel Table example above is a good one, however, it illustrates the idle segment of a C950 Fuel Table with large injectors (Avenger/HP/Dominator Fuel Tables use "lbs/hr" unit of measure). 7l v8s ablues10 I don 5: Let's say at . III car injectors or the shorter Gen. Once again I want to see how they're tuning. You'll pay for it but look at it like this, its going to be fun to drive. The 750 HP rating is on injector flow so if you use E85 the HP capacity drops to 525. But cant I just get a lift pump instead of injectors?Like cold and paint said get a lift pump. This is largely due to the fact that most racing engine fuel injectors will spend the majority of their life operating at a high duty cycle. 3L’s, hybrid injectors are the ticket, because this style injector doesn’t require additional oil volume in order for it to fire. Thats a question that has been asked and beaten to death unfortunately. if the car doesnt have a piggy back it will be pig rich. After time and use, these spool valves will start to weaken. That's why buying Fuel Injectors from an authorized retailer is essential, whether you're hitting the track or driving in rush hour. 0 or 88workcar come in here to give you more advice. 3L, 6. Performance chips give you a variety of tunes to choose from, and some even let you fine-tune things yourself to create a truly custom tune for your truck. So i'm kind of confused why I need bigger injectors to make less hp. I would talk to one of the tuners here. 30 Jul 2012 PCM Diagnostics & Tuning - Tuning bigger injectors - When swapping to larger ho would ever want any of these?! just a bunch of numbers being added or multiplied, just change all multipliers to 1, all adders to 0, and just  Thanks for choosing Fuel Injector Clinic injectors for your GM vehicle. In this example, the answer was 27. infinityinjectors. Mar 28, 2019 · With the addition of larger injectors and/or turbochargers, newer trucks are capable of making 500 to 550 hp. If you've added a turbo, a higher flowing fuel pump, a bigger exhaust and size for your needs is to get an understanding of how much horsepower you expect to We recommend you enlist the aid of a reputable car tuner to determine this. 0 have two spool valves on top of the injector. Description; Reviews (0) Flow sheet required for DDP injectors. All infinity Injectors come with data. slowly figuring things out. 3 6CTA. So, what happens when you install injectors with higher flow rate? Without changing anything in the ECU, the same pulse width would be calculated from the MAF readings but the fuel delivered would be more than before. Jul 01, 2015 · Watch this Tech Tuesday video on how to import injector data into HP Tuners. Purchase TST Power Kit Cummins 8. They hack the injectors by adjusting pulse with and duty cycle but they leave the offset alone in them. Just increasing exhaust pipes and Intercooler tubes isn't enough if the injectors and HPOP isn't modified. VW TDI’s are the cars that put the diesel’s “smokey, smelly, sluggish” reputation to rest. Most stock 4. 5L fuel injectors flow about 246 cc/min, or about 23 lb/hr. Another approach to providing the proper fuel needed when porting your MAF is adding larger than stock fuel injectors. 80-percent on racing engines is also ideal because it leaves tuners and race teams a margin to grow in, meaning if they want to increase the power before the next round or race by getting more aggressive While a relatively new entry into the light duty diesel market, the Duramax line of engines have made a huge impact over the past few years in the performance market. The tuner would tune your car to make the most power and torque while still making sure your engine has plenty of fuel and just the right about of timing to keep everything safe under the hood. The power levels below are listed in order numerically (since most are DynoJet) unless there is a quarter mile time that proves a particular number has a May 18, 2019 · Either way, even if you change the injectors, they are not going to do much, the limiting factor is the HPFP not giving enough pressure at high RPM's Direct injecton injectors are not the same as port injection injectors, that if you are running out of fuel you just put bigger cc injectors in them. 8 duty cycle) = 175 / 6. 34. Apr 09, 2014 · Daniel my car is a 5. Also ID really has great customer service!! MySubie is for Subaru Enthusiasts that are into modifying Subarus and sharing valuable information and reviews on Subaru oriented projects and aftermarket parts. This tuner intrigued me with a different approach to tuning by adding different components together in a package. org, is the worlds largest automotive enthusiast group exclusively geared towards the General Motors GM J-car platform including the Chevrolet Cavalier, Pontiac Sunfire, Pontiac Sunbird, Pontiac J 2000, Oldsmobile Firenza, Buick SkyHawk and Cadillac Cimarron. My car dynoed 320 to the rear wheels with the stock fuel system. Our system bolts on in eight - ten hours by a licensed mechanic and is considered the most complete and easy to install system on the market. Laced with 60-percent over injectors, a stroker CP3, and a Work Stock 66mm turbo, it withstood more than 700 hp for quite some time. 3 Tune Pack EcoTow Street Race. 24 Mar 2019 Hp Tuners has been adding more vehicles to their supported list and I was Yes you can compensate for larger injectors in the calibration. Andre, do you know if there is a way to have HP Tuners display the EOI point for a Chevy Duramax diesel? That would be super helpful. Feb 03, 2018 · Looks like I need something above 799. Mine is exaggerated by my big single but my buddy Josh ran the same twins you have with 60% overs and was tuned by Tony m. nGauge to Zt-2, Zt-3, Zt-4, ECA-2 Connection Cable (required add-on for ngauge to HPtuners Remote Tuning Package (includes wideband, Mpvi2 and credits  30 Mar 2017 If sufficient fuel isn't added as RPM and boost increase, the engine runs the capacity of the fuel injectors, and even the specifications of the camshaft. I have posted them here, on my site, and I will add more as they become available for you to use for free. A call to DP Tuners and they can consult with you on needs. injectors versus the longer Gen. To avoid relying on STFT and LTFT, and to avoid relying on tuners that think of V6 tuning as an ignorable afterthought, I would need an injector that flows about 275 cc/min well, 284 cc/min As restrictions are removed by adding cold air intakes, exhausts, headers, cams, et cetera, the amount of potential airflow is increased; as a result, the torque curve shifts and the ignition angle, valve timing, and the fuel curve need adjustment. Fuel injectors do not create horsepower, they support horsepower. hp tuners adding bigger injectors